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Sprotborough, where this old bungalow was demolished. Discovering that the foundations were unsuitable to build on, a re-application to the planning department, had to be submitted.  

This made way for a new build, instead of a conversion/extension, on the site.  

This is now a six bedroomed house, the lay out of which, is truly spectacular. This photograph was taken near to completion. The arched window over the main entrance, awaited fitting, by the company who designed and made the specialist decorative glasswork. Later we cleared the site and layed the driveway. Project completed 2015 - overview of photographs below.

  • New Builds can enable you to get the most out of your land.

  • Conversions & Extensions can enhance your current property.

If you're considering a New Build or a Conversion to the property you own...we can help.

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The Conversion & Extension of a bungalow in Todwick. Here we turned this small bungalow into a Dorma bungalow  with five bedrooms. See below the photographs from this project.

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